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A brief history on EUMC:


Eastport United Methodist Church began as a group who gathered for prayer and class meetings in the home of Brother Philip T. Stevens on March 10, 1887.  On April 25, 1890, a Sunday school was established.  Through the faithful efforts of Reverend John Edwards, the society known as Eastport Methodist Episcopal Church was incorporated January 14, 1895.  The Rev. Edwards preached every other Sabbath evening and kept the Society regularly organized for work. 


The cornerstone of the Eastport M.E. Church was laid May 5, 1898.  The church was dedicated June 5, 1898.  The entire cost including lot, furniture, pulpit, Bible and hymnals was $1,575.  In May 1914 the official Board decided to move the church to a lot on the corner of Chesapeake Avenue and Sixth Street.  It took two weeks to move the building but services were held each Sunday in the "Church on Wheels."


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The three major branches of Methodism – Methodist Protestant Church, Methodist Episcopal Church, Methodist Episcopal South – united in 1939 and this became The Methodist Church.  In 1968 the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church united and became the United Methodist Church.  From this union the Eastport United Methodist Church evolved.


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In 1957 ground was broken for the new building where Eastport United Methodist Church today stands as a beacon in the community of Eastport.  The Services of Consecration and Opening Worship were held in June 1958, but it was not until the original bell from the old church was returned to the church as a gift in 1979 that our move was complete.  The newest addition to our church was the meditation garden – a place where people may gather for a time of reflection and prayer in our community; and with the cross placed at the center we are reminded that God is always at the center of our lives.


The leadership of Eastport United Methodist Church realizes that it has a proud history and heritage.  We understand that we have a tremendous responsibility to the people of Eastport and to doing the work that Christ has called us to do.  May God continue to help Eastport United Methodist Church in its mission to support the entire community of Eastport and to be faithful servants of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Our current pastor is the The Reverend. MaAn Barcelo.

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